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Group photo of ‘Who Speaks?’ project participants at the Dutch Parliament.

Jeroen Kerseboom, head of the Analysis and Research Department (DAO), kicks off the ‘Who Speaks?’ collaboration with the Dutch Parliament.

Thought exchange in the presence of public audience.

Active debate addressing the urgency of the project collaboration.

Vanessa Lambrecht responds to students’ questions.

Students address questions to the DAO.

KABK alumnus Gábor Kerekes presents his research project ‘The Parliament of Bots’.

Here, customised chat-bots discuss issues native to the digital realm.

Discussion topics include open-source software, blockchain technology, platforms politics and internet censorship.

Guided tour through the building complex of the Dutch Parliament.

Visit to the Proceedings Room (Handelingenkamer) that stores up to 30.000 verbatim reports, with the oldest report dating back to 1815.

The Proceedings Room was built between 1876 and 1883, and designed by Chief Government Architect Cornelis Hendrik Peters.

Visit to the current assembly room of the House of Representatives.

Guided tour of the assembly room.

Empty seats with the coat of arms of the Tweede Kamer (Second Chamber).

Final group photo with ‘Who Speaks?’ students and tutors.